£9.32 for a first round loss – The issue is clear

In my last post I gave you a outline of the structure of the ATP/ITF so that everyone can understand what we are dealing with before making suggestions. This will be my last post that is focused on the issue that we currently face as Professional Tennis Players. It is very clear to all of us that there is a problem in the prize money system

10K Future in GB

This player lost in the first round of doubles and received a fine in the same week which resulted to his £9.32 payout

Now it is time to start figuring out how we can solve this problem. After many discussions with players, current and former, it is clear that the ITF need a player council structure, like the ATP. If an ITF player has a suggestion or complaint where does he/she go? The players need representation and information needs to flow easily.
Please keep posting your stories or suggestions on the facebook page or contact me directly at: keithcrowleytennis@gmail.com 

An attempt to create a player council structure for the ITF will be key in moving forward…

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